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The Office of Accountability was created in 1990 by House Bill 1017 and operates under the governance of the Education Oversight Board. The Governor's Secretary of Education also serves as the office's Chief Executive Officer. The office administers two state programs, the Oklahoma Educational Indicators Program and the Oklahoma School Performance Review Program.

Oklahoma Educational Indicators Program

The Oklahoma Educational Indicators Program has an award winning track record of providing high quality reports on school performance at the State, District, and School level. The Office of Accountability's charge is to provide school performance information that is comparable and in context. The office is painstaking in its efforts to gather accurate data and keep it consistent over time.

The office gathers data from the State Department of Education, State Department of Career and Technology Education, State Regents for Higher Education, Office of Juvenile Affairs, U.S. Census Bureau, The College Board, ACT, and through their own in-house survey. In all, over 100 statistical measures of curriculum, budget, educational programs, student performance, and community characteristics are generated and provided to education stakeholders.

COMPREHENSIVE, CONSISTENT, and ACCURATE: The reports of the Educational Indicators Program are the most comprehensive, consistent, and accurate source for Oklahoma educational statistics that exist. Reports are provided to parents, educators, researchers, grant writers, and policy makers. The office serves as a clearinghouse for education data and shares its information with all that desire it. The office is the State's "one-stop-shop" for educational statistics. Requests for "stock" information, such as school report cards, are filled and mailed the same day they are received. The office regularly prepares custom tabulations and data runs upon request. Custom data requests are most often delivered within a week.

EFFORT, QUALITY, and CUSTOMER SERVICE: Through the Educational Indicators Program the Office of Accountability:

  • cooperates with public schools to distribute over 600,000 School Report Cards to parents every year,
  • annually delivers millions of School Report Card downloads via its web site (most go to parents),
  • places its reports in every public, university, and military library in the state,
  • provides data to grant writers, bringing millions of additional dollars to Oklahoma schools,
  • has its school report cards reprinted by virtually every newspaper in the state,

INDEPENDENCE, TRUST AND INTEGRITY: The Education Oversight Board and the Office of Accountability were both created by HB 1017. The Oversight Board is committed to the independent operation of the Office of Accountability and believes it is vital to maintaining the trust of Oklahoma citizens and the reputation of high integrity for the Educational Indicators Program.

EXPERIENCE and DEDICATION: The Office of Accountability has five highly trained, hard-working, and dedicated staff members. Collectively, they have served the state of Oklahoma and public education for almost 100 years. The Education Oversight Board has high expectations for the Office of Accountability and the Educational Indicators Program and is exploring expanded roles that the program might play in improving public education in Oklahoma.



Oklahoma School Performance Review Program

The Oklahoma School Performance Review (OSPR) Program was authorized by the Oklahoma Legislature during the 2001 session and amended during the 2005 session. The purpose of the performance reviews is to develop findings, commendations, and recommendations for individual school districts regarding: (1) containing costs; (2) improving management strategies; and (3) promoting better education for Oklahoma children.

As a part of each review, educational and management consultants conduct onsite evaluations, review district operations, study district data, interview stakeholders, hold public meetings, and distribute surveys. These consultants then produce a report evaluating the following areas of a district's operations:
  • Management, Personnel, and Communications
  • Instructional Delivery
  • Business Operations
  • Facility Use and Management
  • Support Services (technology, food services, and transportation)

After the district has reviewed the accuracy of its contents, the Office of Accountability edits, prints, and releases the final report during a presentation to the local school board. The report includes commendations, recommendations, and estimates of savings as well as district trend data, survey results, public forum comments, and enrollment projections. Cost savings attributed to the review are intended to go toward classroom expenses in order to improve student performance and readiness.

The cost of a review varies depending on the size of the district, but the Office of Accountability can fund 100 percent of the cost if a district meets one of the following criteria:
  1. administrative service costs are above the expenditure limits established for school districts;
  2. total expenditures are in excess of the district's adopted budget;
  3. the district Academic Performance Index (API) score is below the state average;
  4. a request for a review is submitted by the Governor or State Superintendent of Public Instruction; or
  5. the district percentage of students eligible for free or reduced-price meals is above the state average.

A district not meeting any of the above criteria will only pay 25 percent of the cost of a review, and the Office of Accountability will cover the remaining 75 percent.

Previous reviews can be viewed on this website. Hardcopies can be mailed upon request. Please contact the Office of Accountability for more information about this program and its benefits.